Areas of Specialization as an Arborist

Expert tree consultants address various issues related to landscaping. In his career as a consulting arborist Ivan Katzer has specialized in the following areas:

Tree Physiology: how trees function and respond to human activities and intervention.

  • Tree pruning and maintenance practices
  • Tree preservation

Tree Pathology: identification and management of disease.

  • Diagnosis and treatment of plant disease problems

Urban Soils: developing healthy soil in the urban environment.

  • Preserving soil structure and protection during construction
  • Site preparation and successful plant establishment of new plants
  • Nutrient management in developed landscapes

Tree Appraisals.

  • Landscape valuation — eminent domain — negligent trespass

Tree Risk Assessment and Management.

  • Making informed decisions on the health and safety of trees

Trees and Development.

  • Building with trees — specifications for tree protection during construction


  • Development of contract specifications — needs analysis
  • Landscape plan review — second opinions
  • Tree and landscape inventories — site maps

Arboricultural Training — Seminars.

Data on Ivan Katzer's 50+ years experience as a professional arborist.